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Should I have all my life insurance with one company?

When you first contact us for insurance advice we will need to ask for details about your life - including your age, sex, health, profession and employment status - as all these factors will influence which policies are right for you. You may have some very specific hazards which relate to your job - for example medical professionals may need 'needlestick insurance' to cover the higher risk of infection with blood borne diseases such as HIV or hepatitis.

Crucially, we will also ask why you want insurance and what you want to achieve. Once we have all this information we can match you with the insurers and policies which are the ideal fit for your needs.

In most cases we will recommend that you buy all your policies as a package from one insurer. There are usually package discounts for having multiple policies, which means that you pay less for the same level of cover. It also means that you only have to deal with one insurer should you need to make a claim, which will cut down on paperwork and speed up the payment process.

However, it is possible to have policies with a mix of insurers and occasionally, for clients with unusual or very specific needs, it can be advantageous. We will consider all the options, factoring in any relevant discounts, before we make our recommendations to you.

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