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Why should I contact you instead of going direct to the insurance companies?

By speaking to one of our advisors you get expert, unbiased advice at absolutely no extra cost.

You will not be charged any mark-up if you buy your insurance through us, and there's a good chance we'll actually be able to save you money by putting together a tailored insurance package for you.

But we can do far more than just save you money. The cost of your premiums, though important, is really not the first thing you should consider when buying your insurance. What you need is certainty. You need to be sure that if you ever have to make a claim, your policy will pay – and that you will receive enough money to see you through that difficult time in your life.

Our advisors will talk to you in detail about your lifestyle, health and what you want from your insurance, and recommend the policies which will give you the very best cover to meet your specific needs.

The other thing we can save you is time. There is a huge amount of information available from each insurance company about their policies and procedures, and there are small but crucial differences between their products. We can spare you the painstaking job of comparing the fine print to work out exactly who is offering what, and help you make sense of all the confusing, technical information.

Even if you prefer to do the background research yourself, we can offer knowledge and insights which you won't find in any product brochure. Our advisors have worked for many years with all of Australia's major insurance providers, so they have first-hand experience of how they handle each type of claim.

On top of all that, if you ever need to make a claim our advisors will be here to guide you through the process and make sure you get your money as quickly and easily as possible.

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1300 Life insurance have access to the full range of Life Insurance available from all Australian life insurance companies. Our advisors use sophisticated analysis to evaluate the features and benefits of each product against your own needs. Our duty of care is to always act in your best interest. We will:

  • Assess your needs
  • Make an unbiased recommendation
  • Provide you with a written statement of advice
  • Ensure your cover is properly implemented

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