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Emergency Service Workers

Insurance for Police, Fire and other emergency service workers

You spend your life protecting other people and you deserve a peaceful retirement in return. But you deal with emergencies every day, so you know better than anyone that the unexpected can happen at any time. Life insurance offers you way to safeguard your family, your future and the life you've worked so hard to earn.

  • As a policeman or emergency worker you put yourself at risk every day. If you have an accident while on the job you can expect some workers' compensation, but it may fall far short of what you need to cover your mortgage payments or daily living expenses. An income protection policy can provide you with a regular income stream if you do suffer from an injury or accident, at home or at work, so you can take the time to recover fully before you return to work. Many of the insurers we work with also provide free rehabilitation services if you need extra help getting back on your feet.

  • Should you suffer from a more serious illness or injury you may find yourself unable to work at all, and face a lifetime on a disability pension. Although you may receive compensation from your employer in some circumstances, a critical illness or an injury received outside of work could leave you with no way of providing for your family. A TPD or trauma policy offers the safety net of a lump sum payout, which you can use to pay off debts, cover your expenses or adapt to your disability.

  • Your work can be demanding, exhausting and sometimes traumatic. Most income protection and TPD policies provide cover for stress-related and mental illnesses, and often offer free access to psychological therapies and support.

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