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AMP, established in 1849, has been a steadfast pioneer of the Australian insurance and superannuation market for well over a century. In 2011 it merged with AXA's successful Australian and New Zealand businesses to create a powerful new competitive force.

The AXA brand ceased to exist in Australia from November 2012, and all branding has been changed to AMP.

With financial advice at the core of its business, AMP has helped generations of people and companies build their financial security. It is now Australia and New Zealand's foremost wealth-management company and provides a range of services including financial advice, investment funds, superannuation products and life insurance.

AMP has offices throughout the world, including a strong presence in Australia with centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. The company employs almost 6,000 people in the Asia Pacific region and has the largest financial advice network in Australia and New Zealand. It leads the Australian market in providing superannuation and personal insurance products.

At the heart of AMP's corporate identity is the promise "to be a sure friend in uncertain times". The company believes that the success of its business relies on keeping this promise and delivering on its responsibilities to all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and employees.

The company invests heavily in the Australian community through its philanthropic AMP Foundation and strongly encourages its employees and advisors to volunteer with community partners. It is committed to sustainable, responsible business practices including encouraging responsible investment and minimising its environmental impact.

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