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CommInsure is part of the Commonwealth Bank Group, which means it has the financial backing of one of Australia's most solid financial institutions. It also stands strong in its own right, with 15% of Australia's life insurance market and almost $2 billion worth in in-force premiums.

CommInsure has won numerous awards for its life insurance product range, including the Life Insurance Company of the Year accolade at the Australia and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance Awards on multiple occasions.

CommInsure is committed to providing innovative, uncomplicated insurance products and clear, simple product information. Its claims philosophy is to pay all genuine and valid claims promptly and efficiently and to deliver excellent customer service through its team of dedicated insurance specialists.

Product Range

CommInsure offers two main insurance products under its CommInsure Protection brand:

Total Care Plan. This product includes lump sum life, TPD and trauma insurance policies, which you can buy separately or as a package. Within this product you can also buy:

  • Accidental Death Cover, which is a low-cost death cover providing a lump sum payout to your beneficiaries if you are killed in an accident. This can be a standalone policy, or operate as a top-up for your Life Care cover.

  • Child cover, which provides up to $250,000 of cover in case one of your children (aged 2 – 16) should die, or suffer from a specific illness or injury. You can only buy this in a package with Life Care or Trauma cover.

CommInsure provide a loyalty bonus and will automatically increase your life, trauma or TPD cover by 5% after 5 years.

Income Cover. This includes Income Protection and Business Overheads insurance. This range also includes Essential Cover, which is a reduced-premium, accident-only cover for people who are not eligible for full Income Protection Cover.

Some of your CommInsure Protection life insurance products can be owned within your superannuation fund, if you have a Colonial Super Retirement Fund. 1300 Life Insurance can provide expert advice on whether and how to structure your life insurance with your superannuation.